5 Questions to Help Job Seekers

Looking ahead 300x199 5 Questions to Help Job SeekersMany people are in career transition, seeking their next opportunity. I want to be helpful to them, knowing that it is a very stressful experience for most people. In my experience, most job seekers conduct very inefficient job searches because when you ask them what they want they give general answers that don’t give me the information I need to be helpful. Example: “ I want to find a great company that can use my talents.” That’s not actionable to me.

Having helped many dozens of people connect with their next job, I’ve learned that my ability to be of assistance correlates directly with their ability to be very specific about what they want. So when somebody sends a resume to me and asks me to forward it, I write back and request answers to these questions:

  • 1 fantastic accomplishment in the past 2 years
  • Your #1 strength & how often you’ve put it to use in the past year
  • Your most extensive functional experience (marketing, sales, operations, finance, etc) & where you rank (guru, senior, junior)
  • The title of the role that is your 1st choice
  • The #1 industry niche and 2-3 other characteristics that narrowly define your target company

When I receive quality answers to these questions, I’m often able to provide good introductions.

Helping somebody find their next position is a very gratifying experience. Getting quality information from them dramatically improves your ability to help them.

Ask great questions and be a great helper.

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