The Long and Grinding Road

carretera carretera que sube 956741 The Long and Grinding RoadIf your business earns unimpressive profit and just can’t break through, you are on the “long and grinding road” (apologies to the Beatles).

The vast majority of companies are stuck on this bumpy, unforgiving road for these reasons:

The Solution(s) are well-Known but there is an unwillingness to act because

  • Inability to make it a priority (focus)
  • Unwillingness to act – lack of resolve, sacred cows, ego won’t allow
  • Believe that the solution is not affordable
  • Previous efforts to solve did not work so confidence that another effort will succeed is low

The Solutions are partially-understood but there is an unwillingness to act because of the same reasons above PLUS:

  • A “blind spot” that prevents a thorough understanding of the problem and therefore the solution

The Solutions are not known but there is an unwillingness to act because:

  • Unwillingness to act- lack of resolve, sacred cows, ego won’t allow
  • Believe that determining and executing the solution is not affordable

There are no viable solutions

  • The Company is so disadvantaged/flawed that an exit makes more sense than trying to solve the problems 

My experience is that the vast majority of Companies fall into the 2nd Category in that they have an inadequate understanding of all of the dynamics of the challenges and therefore cannot craft an optimized solution.

High Profitability IS achievable by many more Companies but without assistance getting to the root of the issues, the best solutions will never be revealed nor acted upon.

Wouldn’t you rather travel on High Profit Highway?

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One Response to “The Long and Grinding Road”

  1. mario armstrong Says:

    Hey Art, great piece. Really got me to thinking. For our company I think it boils down to 2 things. One, the “blind spot” factor – I could do a much better job inquiring from contacts to gain better intel. Two, hitting a plateau- we have hit a high point. Many might see this as their destination, our vision is larger than our current position. We are stuck at this level and haven’t figured out (yet) how to push smarter towards the bigger dream. I know my team & I can’t direct the wind, but I need us to be able to adjust out sails much, much faster :-)

    Thanks for the swift kick this morning! Talk soon!

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