Time to Hunt

hunting 300x199 Time to HuntI read a salesperson’s resume today in which the individual described herself as a “hunter.” Got my attention immediately because that’s what every business needs and few have. Imagine if your business had a great hunter or two. How much more could you accomplish?

Great hunters love learning, meeting new people and building relationships and moving sales forward. They are engaging and get you sharing information because you know this person genuinely wants to help and can add tangible value.

Here are some other things I’ve observed about the great ones:

  • They truly love the process
  • They make it all about the prospect
  • They move the relationship forward rather than trying to “close”
  • They work very efficiently and
  • They work hard

If your products/services are excellent and your sales performance less so, it’s time for YOU to go hunting….. for a hunter.

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2 Responses to “Time to Hunt”

  1. Rich Mittleman Says:

    Good article on “hunting”. And will add to my introduction overview.

  2. Rich Mittleman Says:

    liked the article on Time to Hunt.


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