A Drop in the Bucket

oil A Drop in the Bucket

Since 1859, 1.2 trillion barrels of oil have been consumed according to Paul Roberts in his article “The Last Drops” in the July 2011 issue of Popular Science magazine. Other critical information from the article:

  • Oil is a very high ROI fuel: 1 barrel generates 30 barrels for use. 30:1!
  • Daily consumption is now 800 million barrels per day (MBD)
  • 1.2 trillion barrels have been consumed since 1859
  • At least 2 trillion more barrels will be consumed before our reliance on oil is significantly lower
  • There are 8 trillion more barrels of oil available in the earth
  • Reserves of 1 trillion barrels have been identified
  • The other 1 trillion barrels needed to move to reduced dependency will be more difficult to source

Feel like an expert yet? That’s the clarifying feeling we get when somebody provides us with a clear picture of a situation and supports it with useful information.

So, while great minds reflect upon our energy future, think about key issues in your business that would benefit from gathering and synthesizing critical data so that a clear, crisp picture emerges. When the right data comes together, better decisions can be made.

Entrepreneurs sometimes don’t want to acknowledge the facts as they hear them. They sometimes think they can “power” their way through to the promised land, changing the game, even in environments which don’t bend or give. Business advisors have a responsibility to relate the “facts of business life” so that Clients can make responsible decisions… well, that’s another story…

For example, if you want to raise equity capital, should you consider approaching venture capitalists or angel investors? You don’t know? Does it help to know that you are 40 times more likely to raise money from an angel investor than from a venture capital firm? Or, that venture capitalists are very unlikely to invest less than $1 million so if your need is for $500,000, you are probably excluded. Oh, and venture capitalists will only bet on what they perceive to be potential homeruns while angels would love homeruns but frequently bet on singles, doubles and triples. Do you see how collecting certain information practically guides you to an answer?

Don’t waste your valuable energy reserves. Improve your Company’s MPG (Miles per Goal)© by collecting, analyzing and putting important data to use. How’s that for an energy policy?


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