Ain’t it nifty, the Maryland Cyber Directory reached 50!

cyberdirectory 300x76 Ain’t it nifty, the Maryland Cyber Directory reached 50!

That’s 50 Maryland Cyber Companies selling to the commercial markets who have already registered on my new online, public service directory  Commercial Cyber has the potential to be far larger than Federal Cyber quickly yet has received scant attention until very recently.

An invitation from the Baltimore Business Journal to be a contributing columnist to their new CyberBlog triggered the idea of turning the column into more than good information – by using the column to also provide a virtual introduction to an emerging new industry comprised of our neighbors.

This directory has been launched to accomplish 2 things simultaneously:

  • Help business officers and directors find exceptional products, services and training to make their companies safer, and
  • Market Maryland’s own superb industry locally, regionally, nationally and globally

Buy Locally from Maryland Cyber Companies: 2 for 1 Benefit

When a Maryland business purchases from another Maryland business, the money stays here and thanks to the “multiplier effect” generates yet more money that our local economy needs.

And when a Maryland business purchases cybersecurity products and services, you are making a smart business decision to properly protect your assets from ever more lethal cyber attackers.

Please visit the Directory soon and meet Maryland’s own, the best cyber experts anywhere.

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