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August 18th, 2014 Posted in Business Growth, Business Stories

handshake 300x110 Amazing Partners!George Santos, a Managing Director with Colliers International in Columbia Maryland has little left to prove. A superb and accomplished commercial real estate expert, he has been an award-winning, top producer for years. Yet 15 months ago he made an incredible partnership offer to  23 year old, just-started in real estate, Ryan Miller. George, have you lost your marbles?

Not a bit. With the exception of a few years and a few pounds, George and Ryan have a great deal in common: good manners, squeaky clean ethics, commitment to family, friends and community and an unstoppable work ethic – these guys want to DOMINATE and the scary thing is they believe they can do it and they ARE doing it!

Okay, so far so good but tell us more. “Everybody has strengths and weaknesses and with the world changing there were 3 things I really wanted in a young partner:  strong relationship-building skills, expertise to make full use of social media and someone who is really organized and efficient because that’s not my strength. Ryan has all 3 of these things in spades. He genuinely cares about other people, constantly introduces us to new people, works smart and hard, does all the background research and schedules all of our meetings.”

So, why did 23 year old Ryan want to do this? “I have a lot to learn to become an expert in commercial real estate and wanted to work closely with a top broker who really loves the business. My goal is to gain knowledge and experience the next few years, for the two of us to build a dominating business together and when George retires, keep the business growing by developing the next generation.”

How do they differentiate themselves from competitors? “We are all about what can we do for YOU, not us.” says George. And Ryan adds “we love making prospect introductions for our Clients and with our growing network can make a real difference.” And, we are truly a local, full-service group with subject matter experts in every area of real estate right down the hall.”

I wouldn’t want to compete with these guys, would you?

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