Between Visits to the Dentist

smile Between Visits to the Dentist

When you have time to sit back and think about who you spend your time with, ask yourself “who makes you smile?” Who are the employees, customers, vendors, colleagues, mentors, mentees that provide an enjoyable experience? Chances are there are common reasons why: shared values, shared experiences, common goals and mutual respect. Sometimes people make us smile because we learn from them. That counts too.

And for those who don’t make you smile, some of these benefits are probably lacking.

Armed with this information, do these 3 things and make your business life even more rewarding:

  • Spend more time with your smile team
  • Spend less time with folks who don’t make the list
  • Find new “smile makers” and add them to your list

I’m convinced that we experience the greatest success when we spend our time with folks we enjoy.

As you collaborate your way through the week (stop networking. Start collaborating), stay tuned for like-minded others.

Yes, you have fierce competition and have to work very hard to succeed. The good news is that you can do this surrounded by people you really enjoy.

That’s why I’m sitting here looking at my schedule for the week and can’t wait to be with each and every person listed.

Are you here for business or pleasure? Both!

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2 Responses to “Between Visits to the Dentist”

  1. Misti Burmeister Says:

    Great post – excellent reminder, Art… TY!

    One question – does all success require hard work? How do you mean by hard work?


  2. Art Jacoby Says:

    good question! I’ve never met anyone who achieved great things without hard work but there must be some as miracles and unusually good luck do occur.

    What is hard work? I think it is about quantity -significant time and energy expended continuously over a long period of time. Smart work is the quality element -focusing that energy on the right things, at the right time and in the right order and mix.

    thanks for discussing!

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