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September 1st, 2009 Posted in Sales & Marketing

There are hundreds of free and paid marketing and sales seminars available online and offline. Most are not particularly valuable. So, how do you choose?

Welcome to the World of Marketing Seminars

“Buzz word, buzz word, buzz word!! Trendy, Trendy, trendy!! Learn it here and make lots of money!” Welcome to global marketing and sales pollution.

Common sense, business basics and hard work trump trendy marketing buzz words every time. Much of what’s presented as state-of-the-art marketing is either worthless drivel or plagiarism of concepts that have been around for years. If it looks too good to be true…Well, you know.

In teaching smart, practical marketing and sales strategies and tactics to several hundred SMBs over the past 20+ years, I’ve avoided big words and stuck with the basics. Yes, you need the occasional bit of magic sprinkled in but marketing and sales seminars that don’t emphasize the basics are doing a great disservice and worse, are misleading businesses.

Rather than learning the acronym du jour, invest in expert assistance, developing a customized sales and marketing plan that optimizes YOUR business, taking into account your industry, competitors, products/services, team, etc. You can get a general understanding of concepts from good marketing and sales seminars (if you can find them) but translating them into results in your business is another matter.

Most generalized training does not have sustainable value. Your probability of success goes up dramatically when you engage the services of dedicated experts to build a Plan and help you execute the Plan effectively. The karate practitioner “sees” through the board — its all about follow through.

In football, the basics start with strength, speed and leverage — the physical laws of nature. You don’t see offensive line coaches telling the right tackle to forget about how he places his weight prior to the snap. The same is true in sales and marketing. The basics that worked when Dale Carnegie wrote “How to Win Friends and Influence People” — still the definitive business advice book — in 1936 still apply.

Marketing and sales seminars will leave you wanting almost every time, so instead, get the expert, personal attention your business deserves.

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