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Business Planning Consulting 300x280 Business Planning ConsultingIn a complex world that changes at an increasing rate, nimble planning for your business has never been more important.

When the market changes, the RULES change. Most businesses are always a step or two behind, trying to catch up instead of getting ahead of where the market is going.

JACOBY’s business planning consulting gets you out of the noise, making YOU the game-changer, and not putting you at the mercy of what competitors are doing. 

Located in the Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington DC area, JACOBY has been leading coachable small businesses with smart, easy to understand, comprehensive business advice for over a quarter century.

Your needs and availability are dynamic, so Art offers a range of ways that you can get the expert planning and guidance you need.

His service begins with complementary quick answers to quick questions, a one hour monthly SpeedAdvising service and continues with formal strategic action plan deliverables – business plans and sales & marketing plans as well as national caliber advice on financial and operational issues.

If your need is related to growing your business and increasing your profits, Art Jacoby may be just the solution for you.

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Business Planning Consulting: Plotting Your Course

When the world was much simpler and slow, writing a Business Plan could be completed without having a great deal of specialized knowledge or experience and you would be just fine.

The world was relatively STATIC.

As markets morph and change accelerates, common sense and determination alone will not get you to industry leadership. 

Expertise in marketing, sales, operations and finance combined with a competitive team and adequate financing, selling the right products at the right price to the right market segments via the right marketing vehicles… and then being prepared to make changes on the go.

This is the new reality of business planning. It’s now a DYNAMIC WORLD.

Strategic planning and capturing them in writing in the form of a practical, actionable Business Plan is not a skill that many have.

It isn’t “natural” because without market and industry knowledge, it’s gambling your company’s future on “we’ll figure it out as we go.”

Important Characteristics Of A Great Business Planner

There are a number of characteristics that make the difference between a good planner and a great one.

  • See important things that others don’t
  • The ability to process a great deal of disjointed information quickly and effortlessly
  • The ability to accurately distinguish what’s important from what isn’t and develop a model specific to each business of what key success factors matter the most
  • The ability to listen deeply beyond what is said and learn what the CEO REALLY wants
  • The ability to dispassionately and accurately assess strengths and weaknesses
  • The ability to understand market and competitive dynamics
  • The ability to project the future non-linearly from a group of variables
  • The ability to think globally and operate one on one and in groups
  • The ability to solve simultaneous problems efficiently
  • Functional competency in leadership, sales, marketing, finance and operations
  • A clear and compelling writing style
  • Fearless: the willingness to compassionately confront the CEO with the truth
  • Fearless: the willingness to promote solutions which entail some risk

If you want to achieve the greatest success for your business, a strategic business plan developed with the assistance of an experienced, professional business growth consultant is the best way to proceed.

Small Business Planning Services

Small business life should be exhilarating and rewarding and can be if the business is in a healthy market and keeps making choices that sustain competitive advantage.

Small businesses enjoy a number of advantages including speed and maneuverability, the opportunity to provide more personal service to customers and a real chance of being able to create a very specific culture that the CEO and employees value.

Despite these advantages and the potential for great success they provide, the vast majority of small companies do not generate high earnings.

Small should not mean small profits but it usually does.

And, small businesses are far more vulnerable than larger ones because they have limited resources and have less ability to survive internal mistakes and/or unfavorable changes in the market.

Strategic business planning consulting—having the guidance of experienced and successful advisors—are key determinants of the haves and have nots in small business.


Art JACOBY has spent years building up the contacts, relationships, andknowledge required to be the business planning expert you deserve.

With a track record spanning decades and hundreds of companies, add Art to your advisory team and make your business more successful than ever.

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