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Looking for high-level business coaching, executive coaching, planning or organizational development in Maryland, Baltimore, DC, Northern Virginia or remotely?

If so, read this page.

It discusses the strategic approach that JACOBY takes to board-level guidance and gives you some key questions that you can ask yourself immediately to gain a better understanding of your unique situation.

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Business Planning

What are your Goals? What opportunities exist in the market? What is your sustainable competitive advantage?

How we answer and act on these issues will determine how much success we enjoy in the market. The best Companies develop plans that leverage opportunities and mitigate risks and adapt those Plans as internal and external conditions change.

JACOBY excels at helping CEOs articulate a clear vision, establish SMART Goals and develop the right combination of best practice strategies and tactics to achieve those Goals.

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Board-level Guidance

Excellent governance of your Company happens when your key advisors constructively and fearlessly hold you accountable for creating sustainable Competitive Advantage.

They insist that you develop and keep updated industry-leading Plans and recruit & retain the best possible Leadership and Operational Teams.

The very best Advisors go a step further: they care deeply about your well being, hold themselves to a high standard of adding game-changing value and are careful to not offer advice in areas where they are not experts.

This is the hallmark of JACOBY.

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Organizational Development

Leadership and Team are the most important resource in every business.

Without skilled Leadership, competitors will outthink and outmaneuver your business in the market. Creating the right organizational structure and filling Leadership and key Team positions with excellent performers who add strategic and operational value is of paramount importance.

As your business matures and market conditions change, there will be gaps that need to be filled.

At those times, JACOBY provides expert guidance in defining organizational needs, recruiting quality candidates and hiring and on-boarding the right individuals.

Could your company use some guidance in those areas? Of course it could.

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