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colors Color My WorldWatch this simple demonstration of the incredible energy that Color brings to just about any process. We all know how well it serves Marketing/Branding by helping evoke emotional responses and memory of the Brand but today’s message is about helping YOU and your team stay motivated and focused on the right things.

There is a natural flow to business development for service companies (and this can be readily adapted to fit Product companies as well). It goes like this:

  • Networking in organizations where desired prospects congregate leads to building relationships with influential/trusted community leaders known as Centers of Influence (COIs) whose opinions matter to the community at large
  • Building a strong portfolio of COIs will, in time, become a consistent source of Prospects
  • Meeting with Prospects leads to Clients
  • Happy Clients refer others and become an additional source of business

Let’s take this rather obvious process and add some color.

Color-Coding my Calendar yields valuable information instantly:

  • If there isn’t a lot of Client Work scheduled, I need to reach out to existing Clients and make sure that they are well-served on known issues and find if there are additional needs to be addressed. Second, I need to connect with existing  Prospects and schedule more meetings
  • If there is not enough Prospect Meetings, I need to pursue those already in my pipeline and schedule more COI Meetings and attend more Networking Events
  • If I don’t have enough COI Meetings, then I need to attend more Networking Events to meet and begin to build relationships with more of them

As my dad said when we purchased our first color television: “I’ll never go back to black and white.”


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