Deep Satisfaction/Superior Returns

checklist 150x150 Deep Satisfaction/Superior ReturnsHere’s my checklist for deep career satisfaction and superior financial gain. I’ve done it with maximum passion and minimal cash. You can too.

  • Interest: Do work you love. Spend YOUR day well matched.
  • Skill & Experience: Next, filter to those interests where you have superior skill & experience or at least a driving passion and the discipline to become a superior practitioner
  • Subject Matter Expert: be a craftsman and keep raising your game with continuous improvement to the point where you have valuable things to share & others want to hear them
  • Target Market: find a market niche where these skills & experience can be sold for premium prices because there are un-served or underserved buyers.
  • Market Leaders: identify high quality buyers in your target niche and respectfully ask them to help you understand their needs and their challenges and the $ value they ascribe to solving each issue
  • Formulate: using the Good/Better/Best model, develop product/service offering packages
  • Position: find a sustainable place in the competitive pecking order which is not dominated
  • Key Message: cut through the noise with “wow” that solves an important need
  • Communicate:  pick the marketing vehicles that work the best for your audience
  • Center of Influence (COI): join an organization where you target market gathers, be active and visible and become a hero by helping the group achieve a tangible result and by helping others.
  • Goals: establish clear monthly, quarter and annual Goals… and exceed them by
    • Measuring key activities: i.e. establish weekly targets for meetings with decision-makers
    • Measuring Results: you greatly increase the probability of winning if you measure results.


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