Dirty Rotten Cyber Scoundrels!

cyberattack 1805164b 300x187 Dirty Rotten Cyber Scoundrels!Web security firm Incapsula reports that at least 31% of internet activity is harmful! Here’s the complete picture of their findings:

  • 49% of total traffic is human
  • 51% is bots (software that runs without human intervention) of which

-         20% is “legitimate” search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc)

-         31% is “harmful,” broken down as:

* 19% spyware

* 5% hacking tools

* 5% scrapers (pull information from one site and move to another)

* 2% content spammers (posting malware and malicious content)

With recent attacks that brought down servers at Bank of America and PNC Bank, you can reasonably conclude that if some of our most sophisticated critical infrastructure companies are vulnerable, YOUR business is as well.

Protecting your business as much as you can is smart Risk Management.

3 Action Items:

  • Assess your risk – an estimate of damage and the probability of attack
  • Determine your vulnerabilities and the cost of minimizing them – you may need expert outsiders to assist with this
  • Prioritize and execute actions according to potential damage, probability and your ability to spend

Dirty rotten cyber scoundrels are inhuman!

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