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JACOBY Clients know the importance of managing their finances with a strategic perspective because our Assessment, Planning and Guidance processes ensure a rigorous attention to understanding, planning and managing all financial areas of the business including: Profitability, Working Capital, Fixed Assets, Capitalization and Financial Operations.

CFO Services

A skilled CFO proactively asks and obtains answers to the complex questions that have financial implications. With a Business Plan and a Sales & Marketing Plan in hand, the CFO plays an invaluable role in requiring that the Company operates as productively and profitably as possible and that the Balance Sheet continues to strengthen. All key decision-making will be viewed through the lens of proper financial evaluation. JACOBY fills this critical role on a part-time basis for clients who are not ready to make the financial commitment to hire a full-time executive.


Many companies are under-capitalized and numerous others have capital structures which are not optimal. There are substantial hidden and not so hidden costs to operating with inadequate and/or poorly structured capital. JACOBY has deep expertise in assessing, projecting and building financial plans which ensure that the right capitalization strategy is determined and executed. Advice on how to approach raising both debt and equity can be invaluable, particularly for CEOs with limited financing experience.

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