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how to get results o 36518101 300x284 Fix it NOWReady for far better results in 2014? My experience advising more than 450 companies over 30 years indicates that the more of these things you get right, the stronger your earnings growth.

Honestly and reasonably estimate 2 things:

  • What would a business expert who has conducted thorough diligence on my company estimate to be my company’s sales and earnings to be in 5 years?
  • What 5 year sales and earnings do I truly believe to be achievable if I could throw a switch and operate according to best practices?

Now calculate the gaps in the 2 sales and earnings calculations and ask yourself:

  • Am I willing to make the changes necessary to fulfill the real potential of my business?

If your honest answer is “no,” and I fully respect that, you don’t need to read any further as it would be a waste of your time. Have a lovely day!

If your answer is “yes”, here are just a few improvements you can make:

  • Commit to an ethical, proactive culture that pursues niche dominance by:
    • a team of craftsmen where all are respected, professional growth encouraged and every person is specifically accountable for performing at an “A” level
    • customer service superiority
  • Pursue a target market niche you can dominate
  • Invest in high ROI solutions to create and execute irresistible marketing
  • Invest in “A” sales people who execute an “A” sales process
  • Invest in technology and training to achieve operational excellence

Want to do something special? You really can if you make the right moves.

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