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August 27th, 2009 Posted in Sales & Marketing

As a career business growth consultant, I’ve provided individual sales coaching to more than 300 small and mid-sized businesses (SMB) around the U.S. It may not be a surprise to you that the vast majority of salespeople I’ve met do not excel at sales, don’t know what to do to improve, and yet do not seek individual sales coaching.

That’s a mistake.

And it’s a shame because sales can be one of the very best career professions – a true craft that provides a deep and lasting sense of personal satisfaction and superior financial rewards. And, few people have the job security of the person who excels at sales.

As in every profession, there are people who excel with ease, but I don’t believe that salespeople are born. I am a thoughtful, private person whom you would never expect to be a master salesperson. ANY willing person with ability, drive, common sense and good manners can succeed in sales. You need a smart sales system to follow, a well trained and effective manager and proper training—including individual sales coaching—to learn the ropes and continuously improve.

Some companies provide regularly scheduled group training and others offer it sporadically. Group sales training is very valuable in that it provides you with a process to follow, builds a sense of team, improves communication, facilitates cross learning and is an efficient and economical way to share information.

But to optimize your sales performance, the coup de grace is intensive, one-on-one sales coaching. The group experience does not address personal nuances and that is where “A” level performance is born.

Sales is like an individual sport and just as top athletes in every individual sport – golf, tennis, swimming, track & field – have coaches, great salespeople have individual sales coaches as well.

There are things that you can’t see about yourself that a skilled coach can see. And a great coach will put you through exercises and practice that ensure your greater success “on the field.” Group training will have you hitting singles. Individual sales coaching shows you how to add extra bases.

In the one-on-one coaching sessions, you can open up completely so that your Coach can effectively collaborate with you on your every need. Your behaviors are fine tuned until you learn how to put yourself in an authentic, comfortable zone whenever you want.

Want freedom? Get expert individual sales coaching from JACOBY Consulting today!

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