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JACOBY is an area leader in government contract consulting in Maryland and the Greater Baltimore Washington area, including Northern Virginia.

Combining expert strategic and tactical planning with practical GuidedExecution™ that optimizes results in the Federal Government market, JACOBY provides the strategies and guidance that result in higher sales and greater profits.

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Whether you are looking for government contracting consulting, board level guidance, executive coaching & management guidance, business plan services, CFO consulting, sales & marketing consulting, CFO services, or our popular SpeedAdvising™ service; JACOBY can improve your business efficiency, effectiveness, and growth.

Federal Government Contract Consulting

Developing a successful Federal Government business is daunting, especially for small to mid-sized companies. It’s the largest and one of the most complex markets in the world and is governed by formal and informal rules that can overwhelm and wear down the most patient CEO.

It’s a nightmare for ordinary companies who can waste years and millions of dollars trying to win business. On the other hand, for the right companies with the right products and services, there’s no better market to pursue.

JACOBY’s government contract consulting includes business planning and guidance, marketing and sales services and CFO services. Clients also enjoy the benefit of JACOBY ‘s network of influential connections. These include elected officials, federal agencies, prime contractors, university leaders and an array of service providers who concentrate on this lucrative market.

Intel & Cyber Security Government Contract Consulting

Our national security is threatened by state-sponsored terrorists engaged in full scale efforts to disrupt and damage our economy, steal sensitive information and disturb our way of life. JACOBY has invested substantial time and energy in understanding the security needs of our nation and in building relationships that can be brought to bear to address these critical problems.

JACOBY is especially interested in guiding cybersecurity and intelligence industry companies who can deliver real solutions to our nation’s security problems in the public and commercial sectors. We must win this war and JACOBY has the experience and network of contacts to give “game-changing” solution providers a competitive advantage.

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