pregnant 300x168 Half PregnantWant more success? Determine your best few moves and give them everything you have – ALL IN! You’re either “pregnant” or you’re not – half-pregnant doesn’t work. If you’re not fully committed, don’t do it because you’ve dramatically lowered your probability of success.

Now, if the reason you’re not “all in” is you have serious concerns the strategy you’ve picked won’t work. Aha!

Ask yourself if it’s fear, doubt and uncertainty (FUD) or if there is a legitimate rational reason to believe you won’t succeed. If it’s FUD, take a deep breath and dive into it with full commitment.

If there is a legitimate rational reason that it might not work, then revisit if you’ve chosen the right strategy. If you have but there are still serious concerns, break them down to the specifics and what it will take to raise the probability of success.

The most common reasons for failure even when the strategy is right are:

  • The team – either the leadership or the workers may not have the right staffing (too few), experience, knowledge, problem-solving ability, passion, determination
  • Under-capitalized: you haven’t put enough investment into it to meet a minimum threshold
  • Timing: you’re too late or too early
  • Competition: they have an advantage that you can’t overcome

You want a “business baby”? Get pregnant!

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  1. Steven Goldberg Says:

    Like it, good info.

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