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marketing zero to hero Hero MarketingMy marketing strategy has served me well for many years. It requires a great deal of constant effort but it is surprisingly effective, professionally satisfying and requires only a small annual marketing budget. But despite recommending it to countless others, there have been few takers. Do you want to pound it out vs. competitors or stake out new ground? Your choice.

There are many volunteers who lend their time, attention and experience to worthy industry causes via board and committee participation. A subset of these enjoy high visibility. Fewer still position themselves as authentic and legitimate industry champions – that’s where the benefits are much greater!

Here’s how to become a local, regional or national industry champion:

  • Select an industry whose members are excellent prospects for your business so that your business will thrive as you seek to deliver value
  • Adopt and retain an attitude that “failure is not an option”
  • Become a subject matter expert on that industry over time by staying abreast of key trends and by speaking with industry players
    • The more expert you become, the more opportunities you’ll have for public speaking and writing and being approached to provide guidance
  • Investigate leading trade groups to find one that would make the best platform for your efforts
    • The best fit for you may not be the strongest organization but rather one with weaknesses that need fixing – be a fixer!
  • Commit to helping that trade group improve its results in a high priority area making sure that you receive high visibility to members by doing so
  • As you travel this journey, build relationships with valuable movers and shakers so that you will be able to not only tell prospects that you are working hard on their behalf but can introduce them to valuable new relationships

In a “what’s in it for me” world, be a Hero to others and thrive!

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