It’s Lonely (and great) at the Top!

topOfMountain 300x200 It’s Lonely (and great) at the Top!

One unique benefit they can’t get anywhere else. Do you have the energy, discipline and determination to create it, deploy it and drive it like there’s no tomorrow? Yes, it’s lonely at the top…. YEAH!

Imagine having an accurate, thorough understanding of the product/service features, delivery, support and pricing that would make specific customer segments within your target market extremely satisfied and loyal (the desired benefits)?

These desired benefits may exist or are yet to be discovered.  For example, mobile security is desired and numerous mobile cyber companies are offering solutions but there has been very little adoption yet in the marketplace.

Even the most mature, oversaturated markets have big opportunities for innovation. Set time aside every week for research and creative brainstorming. It’s there, you just need to identify it and then figure out how to operationalize and deploy it.

Your “home run” move is to come up with something that even buyers never realized they wanted but completely delights them as it leapfrogs the features and benefits offered by your competition. Your “base hit” move is to provide at least one important benefit that they don’t receive today.

So, being incrementally better is the least we are willing to accomplish while what we aim for is to game-change.

Make “loneliness” your reality!

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