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marketing plan maryland dc 300x199 Marketing PlanFor new and growing companies, a major aspect of their overall business plans can often lack a good, comprehensive marketing plan.

It is impossible to stress how central good marketing is for business growth.

Frankly, you could have the best product or service in the world, and it would be meaningless unless you know how to inform and direct people toward it.

A sales and marketing plan that drives people, propels your business, and snowballs interest will guarantee that your company stays nimble and competitive regardless of market changes.

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Strategic Marketing Plan: Create Smart Growth

Business entities at all levels need to plan out smart growth; you cannot simply expand without any idea of how to control and foster that expansion.

You must do more than simply create a basic marketing strategy, you need to look ahead and plan for your growing marketing needs.

A comprehensive sales marketing plan not only helps you formulate the right marketing strategy for your business, but helps you remain nimble in the face of a changing market.

From increasing competition to new media markets, JACOBY has the savvy and varied experience to help you deal with whatever marketing challenges are thrown your way.

Elements of a Small Business Marketing Plan

  • Pricing: A pricing strategy needs a professional analysis of your net income requirements, market competition, and the overall value you can create for your customers.
  • Promotion: Promotions are central to a strategic marketing plan. You need to stand above the crowd, and offer your services or products in a way that force people to take notice.
  • Distribution: Planning the method or methods by which you move your offering to the hands or eyes of your customers.
  • Branding: Ultimately, in an age of new media, your company is its image. Even for small businesses, it is important to work out exactly what branding guidelines to use on every aspect of your marketing strategy.
  • The Prospect: What market segments are you going to be targeting? Who is your product or service geared toward?
  • The Competition: Essential to any good business marketing plan is an understanding of your competitors and what strategies they are employing.
  • Development: The creation of a market plan requires an intimate understanding future of the company, the direction of the product, and innovations in your changing marketplace.
  • Marketing/Sales Organization: Central to any comprehensive sales marketing plan is the underlying organization of your marketing team. Without a good foundation, you cannot build up an effective system.
  • Environment Analysis: Perhaps the most crucial element of sales and marketing consulting is thorough analysis of the business environment. Everything is changing at a faster rate; only experience and widespread market knowledge can keep you able to change and nimble.

About Art

Art Jacoby has spent years building up the contacts, professional relationships, and reputation required to make it through the world of marketing planning consulting.

Whether for small, medium, or even big business, we have the resources, knowledge, and enthusiasm to help you rise above your competition.

JACOBY offers services well beyond developing a comprehensive market plan.

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