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So impressive…

“Art and I have been colleagues for over four years. I have observed my clients that work with Art grow their businesses exponentially and attribute their success to him. This was so impressive that I retained his services to help grow my company, CRG. I was flattered that Art agreed to take me on as a client. I have the utmost respect for Art and the services he provides. I recommend him to any business owner that is ready to make the commitment to move their company to the next level.”

- Dina DiPalo

Owner, CRG

I recommend Art…

“Art Jacoby made it his business to become deeply involved in the strategic and financial planning aspects of our new company. Art was instrumental in helping us to determine our competitive advantage in the marketplace. This, coupled with his results oriented approach, has enabled our organization to crush its extremely aggressive growth goals. I reccomend the services of Art Jacoby to any business owner looking for experienced guidance to start a business, grow a business, or plan the strategy to exit a business.”

- Gene Bateman

Owner, Employee One Benefit Solutions

A high-caliber professional…

“Art is a high-caliber professional of the highest integrity and vision. Art has a truly unique approach to strategy and vision that seems effortless. He works hard to learn the company he is consulting for, and knows how to establish trust with the senior leadership team. My time with Art remains one of the most rewarding experiences of my lifetime and I continue to use his approach in my current position at General Dynamics.”

Robin Porter

Manager, General Dynamics Land Systems

Very valuable to our business…

“Art’s fresh view and knowledgeable assessment of our company’s opportunities, as well as his advice on the best path to realize on those opportunities, has been very valuable to our business. We continue to recommend Art’s services and look forward to working with him again in the future.”

- Vicky McAndrews

Owner, CMD Outsourcing Solutions Inc.

He is direct & friendly…

“Art takes his time in understanding the entire picture of a given situation by asking great questions that creates a solid business solution. He is direct, friendly and has the interest of his clients as his number one priority. Art has enabled my company to develop ways of thinking differently to enable us to become more effective.”

- Rich Rubinstein

CEO, Americas Remote Help Desk

Experience & wisdom

“Business consultant is inadequate to describe Art. He really functions as a high performing Board member. Besides bringing experience and wisdom, he brings a huge set of resources that can aid your business. He personally brought to me my excellent Director of Operations and a Sales representative. He also lined me up with a number of business partners and suppliers. Finally, he is extremely empathetic to the needs and challenges of the business owner – he’s simply a good friend.”

- K.C. Hopson


I highly recommend Art…

“We worked with Art when we were putting our company together. We are now two years old and thriving. Art played a huge role in helping us conceptualize every aspect of our business. And, he has connected us with two other business we have since formed partnerships with. I highly recommend Art. You need him if you are getting ready to open a small business.”

- Elizabeth Scarborough

CEO, SimpsonScarborough

Art is a pleasure to work with…

“Art Jacoby is a consummate professional with deep business knowledge. Art assisted South River Technologies in developing and annually updating a business plan and has served as a strategic advisor. His knowledge and advice have provided tremendous value in assisting us with goal setting, focus and execution. Further, Art is a pleasure to work with, has tremendous people skills and conducts his business interactions with unwavering integrity.”

- Tracy Welsh

VP, South River Technologies

I was most impressed…

“I recently worked with Art to develop strategies to take my business to the next level. I was most impressed with his ability to hone in on my passions, develop creative ideas, assess my strengths and weaknesses, and develop a strategic plan in a very short period of time. And he did all this with kindness, enthusiasm and great expertise. I would not hesitate to call upon him again in the future.”

- Kim Fabian

President, Ovations Inc.

A fantastic Business consultant…

“My experience with Art, was in a word, excellent. I was referred to him by a business contact, and was extremly pleased. While we have been able to grow our organization successfully year over year, Art was able to help us attain the higher level fruits on the tree. His clarity to the issues and assitance to help develop the plan for success was invaluable. Art is a fantastic Business consultant that I would use again no matter where I was employed.”

- Chris Kuehn

President, Teledyne Energy Systems Inc.

Art knows business…

“Like other consultants, Art knows business and wants his clients to succeed. But Art takes that to the next level–he ENSURES that his clients will meet success. He doesn’t just throw out suggestions, he stays involved in your business and makes it grow…all while being professional and thorough. Art’s helped me with my business, and I’ve worked with many of his clients who, without exception, rave about his service and support. If you want your business to grow exponentially (or if you find yourself in trouble), call Art Jacoby right away.”

- Jared Goralnick

Founder & CEO, AwayFind

A good business strategist…

“Art utilizes his excellent listening skills combined with many years of practical experience to identify key issues and develop practical, workable solutions. He is a very good business diagnostician and strategist.”

- Carter Heim

President, HeimLantz P.C.

Great to work with…

“Art is great to work with and can bring a different perspective to your thought process. I would recommend Art to anyone that is looking to examine their business.”

Wes Kaufmann

Technical Director, Hughes Network Systems

Highly intuitive…

“Art is a highly intuitive business consultant. His skill in asking great questions provides him with the insights necessary to advise clients.”

- Michael Teitelbaum

Principal | Sales & Marketing – Valaro

He coached us through…

“Art and I began working together to build a business model for a new product. He then coached us through the venture process and eventual sale of the business. While his advice is not always EASY to take, he usually recommends the correct course of action.”

Marci DeVries

President, MDV Interactive

A seasoned business leader…

“Art is a seasoned business leader, with deep experience growing companies. His work with Community Analytics provided valuable expertise in our strategic plan development go-to-market strategy.”

- Myra Norton

CEO, Community Analytics LLC

I refer Art to my clients…

“Art is a very good communicator and listner which are two crucial attributes to being an effective consultant. He has a wonderful track record with the clients we have brought to him. When I refer Art to my clients, I know that he will be representing himself and our firm in only the best light.”

- Ed Jacobson

Owner, Glass Jacobson

Art really cares…

“Art really cares about his clients and business contacts. When you sit and talk with Art, you can tell he is genuinely excited about learning your industry, your business, and what makes you succeed in your business. It is an excitement that is enthusiastic!”

- Steven Edwards

President & CEO, Edwards Project Solutions

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