Little BIG man! Using Your Unique Niche Business Strategy

June 13th, 2011 Posted in Business Growth, Business Stories

Companies aren’t the only people that use their niche business strategies… check out the example below.

Who is 6’ tall, weighs 175 pounds and frustrates the daylights out of the best basketball players in the world? Jose Barea, that’s who.

The pesty, faster than greased lightning, body contortionist was the game-changer that allowed the underrated Dallas Mavericks NBA team to beat the favored Miami Heat for the 2010-2011 NBA Title.niche business strategy jose berra 199x300 Little BIG man! Using Your Unique Niche Business StrategyThe average NBA player stands 6’7” and weighs 221 which means, when you add on wingspan (he doesn’t have any), he is severely undersized and disadvantaged to defend an opponent, to take shots, to withstand body shots… you get the picture. Heck, most 6 footers would never attempt to penetrate the lane against large, muscled defenders who have no intention of allowing a shot and yet …

Barea is oblivious to this. He didn’t read the “conventional wisdom” beliefs that leave guys his size on the sidelines. He spins, whirls, dashes about, squeezes between large bodies where there is virtually no room and puts up shots that have never been seen. In one play, 6’8” Udonis Haslem practically smothered Barea and could only shake his head after the ball miraculously went through the hoop. His expression seemed to say: “I hate this. I can’t believe this. This pipsqueak is an out of control whirling dervish.”

Barea illustrates the lesson that even in a league of supremely gifted, tall, fast and well trained athletes, there is a way to succeed when you are short, can’t jump and make the referee look tall.

Find the Barea in you – the basis upon which to compete successfully – and steal the thunder in your market!

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