No More Dodge Ball!

March 25th, 2013 Posted in Uncategorized

dodgeball new 300x185 No More Dodge Ball!Imagine that every week that passes with the U.S. budget crisis unresolved, 10% of the members of the House of Representatives and 10% of the Senate are forced to resign in a 3 minute televised appearance? I believe that we would have budget resolution & teamwork before you could say “filibuster.” What’s lacking is meaningful individual accountability. Getting voted out years in the future doesn’t work with this crew. They are artful dodgers.

If the US Congress was a commercial business it would have been liquidated or sold long ago. Layoffs & drastic pay cuts would have been extensive. These vote-gathering “experts” are irresponsible fiscal stewards and have to jump to touch rock bottom on the approval rating scale. The icing on the cake is their boundless sense of entitlement. An incompetent team dressed up is still incompetent.

So how do YOU get a dysfunctional group to do what you want them to do NOW? You hold them accountable right NOW! Not tomorrow, not next week. NOW! You sit down with them and clear the air. You be fair, clear, constructive AND FIRM. Implement meaningful individual accountability to clear expectations and you’ll find yourself in much better shape right away.

Dodge ball is a great game but a poor way to run your business or our country.

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