Once Tried, Always Used

barkeepers 300x199 Once Tried, Always UsedI was cleaning our cappuccino maker with a kitchen cookware cleaner named Bar Keepers Friend, which has been around since 1882, and found that it performed really well bringing out a big shine without having to apply very much elbow grease.  When my wife returned from shopping I asked her about it and she confirmed that she absolutely loves the product and uses it in the kitchen and in the bathroom all the time.

On the back of the bottle, right at the top it states “Once Tried, Always Used” and it struck me that they could say it because they can back it up. I’m hooked on this product!

I’m sure that you have better things to do then read a cleaning product review so let’s get to the BUSINESS POINT: can you say the same thing about your business, that, if someone uses your product or service they will be absolutely hooked?

If so, congratulations! Next cup of coffee is on me. If not, WHAT do you need to do to improve your performance? Is the problem with the product/service itself or the customer experience within which it is delivered?

If it’s the product/service, what are the 2-3 most critical improvements to be made and how would you prioritize them?

If the problem is a customer service issue, same thing, what needs to improve and what’s the right order to tackle it.

Once Tried, May Be Used Again is not a recipe for greatness. Thank you to Bar Keepers Friend for shining a light on this problem.


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