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Organizational Development Consulting 300x200 Organizational Development ConsultingOrganizational development consulting is a growing sector of the business consulting industry, helping companies grow, communicate, and become leaders in their industry.

Located in the Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington DC area, JACOBY has been the one of the leaders in the world of business development consultingfor over a quarter century.

Coachable businesses of all sizes have praised his fun, easy to understand, comprehensive business advice.

If you are looking into business plan consulting, or Board-Level Guidance & Organizational Development, Sales & Marketing Plans with Guidance & Implementation, CFO & Financial Services, our immensely popular SpeedAdvisingTM service, or just want to ask Art,

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Organizational Development Consulting

Both new and established businesses will, at some point, require the assistance of an outside set of eyes in order to ensure that their business, profits, and organization is developing with a smart growth plan.

Organizational Development, or OD, is the strategic planning of organization-wide efforts to increase your efficiency and keep your company malleable in the face of a changing marketplace.

Included In Organizational Development

  • Managing Change:Working across departments, committees, and various groups to plan and facilitate change across the organization as a whole.
  • Managing Talent: Helping the management properly assess the current workforce, ensure that everyone is in the job that best suits their experience, and match abilities to placement.
  • Meeting Design: Designing and facilitating meetings which work efficiently, both in terms of problem solving and time management.
  • Redesigning Business Processes: Taking a discrete business process, analyzing it with the relevant group, and making changes to optimize efficiency and utility.
  • Group Problem Solving: Identifying a key problem, working with a group to develop constructive problem solving techniques, and tackling the best solutions.
  • Developing Team Cohesion: Bringing a team together for common purposes and a common mission; ultimately, increasing efficiency and efficacy.
  • Training For Every Situation: Working within a group to develop the best manner of internal training, allowing the efficient continuation of knowledge-building through best practices.


JACOBY has spent years building up the contacts, relationships, and general knowledge required to make it through the world of business planning.

Whether for small, medium, or even big business, we have the JACOBY offers more than just writing business plans and business planning consulting services; we offer expert CFO services, business growth consulting, and sales training.

If you do not think you have the time or funds for larger scale services at this time, but are feeling trapped in a business quagmire, give our SpeedAdvising™ service a try.

It is quick, affordable, and guaranteed.

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