Refuse to “Settle”

greatness Refuse to “Settle”Accelerate results with empowering beliefs & assumptions. Settling for less is a self-fulfilling prophesy. Only by striving to accomplish something great do we enable a culture of achievement and excellence that leads to greater results. Underlying the “culture of settling for less” are beliefs and assumptions.


For example, if we believe that “the sales cycle in my business is at least 12 months” it becomes true for us because we will consciously and subconsciously behave in a manner that reinforces this belief. Far better to have an “empowering assumption” such as “as soon as I bring a superior solution to a funded buyer with urgent need with whom I’ve established great rapport, a sale will occur.” I don’t know about you but I’m allergic to long sales cycles.


If we think we have the team we deserve, we’re right. But what if our “dream team”, the team that is required to fulfill our business vision, isn’t already on board? Think you can attract them with a “settle” attitude?” No way. Be allergic to mediocre performers. Scrub up and go recruit the awesome team you need.


Want to raise capital? It’s really hard isn’t it? Nah! There are billions of dollars sitting on the sidelines but 95% of opportunities are not investment grade. Are you up to the challenge? Simply bring a very well-tuned, compelling story backed by hard evidence and blow-away strategies and tactics with a high probability of success, proving that you’ll generate a high return for investors and lenders and they’ll chase you. Investors are allergic to non-innovators.

You get the picture. If you don’t aspire to greatness, you won’t accomplish great things. But you can do it. Put an amazing Plan together (I can help), gather an amazing team and you’re well on your way.

Set your “settling” aside & show us what you can do!

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2 Responses to “Refuse to “Settle””

  1. bob blonchek Says:

    Thanks Art!

    I got a lot out of this one — and very timely.

  2. Misti Burmeister Says:

    Excellent article – thank you, Art! I’m wondering – what’s the biggest self-limiting belief you had to overcome in your career – and how did you do it?

    In appreciation, Misti Burmeister

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