Seven Pushups

professional goals1 300x193 Seven PushupsMy muse has taken me many places and often to multiple places at the same time. Realizing that perhaps my life is too scheduled and packed with “stuff,” I looked around for a relatively painless way to do something about it. Well, I took a chance on purchasing an ebook that I’m pleased to report was just what I needed. It’s entitled “Less: Accomplishing More by Doing Less” by Marc Lesser. It has a number of excellent ideas and they are so practical and simply presented that I found myself paying really close attention. One of my favorite suggestions in the book was that if you want to create a new habit, start by doing the activity at a very simple level for a month so that you don’t give up. In fact, he claims that you are almost guaranteed to fail if you don’t approach it this way. I know that’s been true for me as I’ve wandered into and out of numerous activities over the years.

I walk almost daily but haven’t done pushups or sit-ups in years and noticed that gravity is winning the battle to make my physique look… ahem… middle-aged.  So, for the past month I did 7 pushups and 7 sit-ups every day. Yes, I know, that’s not going to make even a ripple on the muscle-building scale but you know what…. I’m well into my second month and doing 8 reps per day! Before you know it, I’ll be up to 15, then 20 and who knows where it will go! 6-pack abs, not in the cards, but at least a little tone and a huge “feel  good” from taking control over something that matters!

Think of the areas of your life where you would like to improve but just can’t seem to get started. Too much time spent staring at your email Inbox? Procrastinating on a project? Perhaps, like me, not enough physical exertion. The beauty is that with just a little bit of focus, effort and discipline you can make real progress in an area that you’ve traditionally neglected.

Simply start with a really low Goal and don’t increase it until it’s a habit. It works!


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