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July 7th, 2009 Posted in Strategic Consulting

Local companies approach me frequently asking which small business consultants in Baltimore would be the best fit for their organization. This post aims to address most of the frequently asked questions involved in selecting a small business consulting firm and points out common roadblocks and pitfalls that can be easily avoided if you know what to look for.

What type of help does your company need most?

Perhaps the most important question to answer from the outset, whether you’re looking for small business consultants in Baltimore, Washington DC, Northern Virginia (or pretty much anywhere in the world, come to think of it) is what type of help you need.

The categories of help are numerous: technology, human resources, sales, planning, expansion, clerical, etc.

A very fruitful activity is to sit down with the leadership team of your company and decide which of these areas you’re weakest in; which need the most help. *Hint: Usually the answer will emerge pretty quickly if you’re asking the right questions to the right team of people.

If you’re having trouble with this exercise, I am here to help.

But what if we need help in a lot of categories?

If your company is like most here in Baltimore, you will need help in numerous categories. Do not let this discourage you. It can very much be a blessing in disguise, as you bring excellent resources into your world.

The rest of this post talks about specific small business consultants in Baltimore and consulting companies in the area.

They are segmented into categories based on the respective firms’ specialization. Realize that this is not an exhaustive list by any means and my inclusion of specific companies in this list does not represent a recommendation necessarily, but rather encouragement for you to continue your research. If you would like recommendations specific to your company, contact me for a brief consultation.

Technology Consultants in Baltimore

Hartman Business Technology, HBT fills the role of your strategic technology advisor. Their experienced team helps you determine how to use technology to meet your business needs. Then, they recommend technology vendors and software so that you don’t have to guess and hope.
Foundations Technology, keeps your computer networks running smoothly and, when they don’t, provide the best customer service available. Ideal for the small business operation.
SET Consulting, Does your team spend a lot of team in the Microsoft Office environment? SET Consulting can make every employee more productive by automating replicable processes and teaching shortcuts that will surprise you. Great service too.

Marketing Consultants in Baltimore

Devaney & Associates, Devaney is one of Baltimore’s most established advertising and PR firms. They know how to work with small companies and have obtained a lot of attention for many over the years.
WebMechanix, To market effectively online, you need to build traffic. That’s where WebMechanix comes in. These guys are experts in “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO for short), which is basically the art and science of getting on the first page of Google. They can get you lots of traffic and they won’t cost you a fortune (not yet).
SawMill Marketing, Industry veterans with lots to offer the small business. They are online savvy as well.

Human Resource Consultants in Baltimore

impactHR, Baltimore’s down-to-earth, experienced advisors to small business. Make sure your business meets all compliance requirements and get great advice on people issues.
Jennifer Stillings, This fearless retired military pilot provides executive coaching to help you raise your leadership game. Combat your weaknesses with a veteran.
Ovations, Does your team need a wake-up call? Kim Goad’s company helps build stronger teams through experiential programs. They are fun and very effective.

Financial Consultants in Baltimore

Mosaic Business Solutions, Amy Bradbury’s company provides affordable bookkeeping and accounting plus Quickbooks training. Perfect solution for small companies.
Bottom Line Growth Strategies, provides CFO services to small companies. They can help you understand the numbers better so that you’ll make better decisions for the future.
Synergy Financial Group, As you build equity in your business, it’s a good idea to have someone addressing your personal wealth. SFG is a quality resource for the small business to plan for your future and retirement.

Work with the right small business consultants in Baltimore to get the results you deserve. Baltimore is ready for business!

Looking for more personalized recommendations? Contact me and let’s have a talk about your business

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