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Art Jacoby

Are You Stuck?

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Dear hard-working business owner,

Are you stuck?

90% of small companies have less sales than they want, disappointing profits and/or not enough capital. You work long, hard hours but your business is not getting where you want to take it or at least not quickly enough. You care deeply about your customers and give it your all but that doesn’t seem to be enough to take you to the next level. You love being an entrepreneur but you’re frustrated at times because you can’t seem to break through.

Can you grow faster?

You have a great product or service but it’s a struggle to get customers to purchase more and at pricing that generates good profits. Are your problems mostly about sales: not getting enough prospects? Not being able to close deals? Not sure where to focus sales or marketing? Or more about profit or capital: people not performing? Expenses too high? Frequently short on cash? Are you bogged down putting out fires? Perhaps there is a better way.

Would an Action Plan help?

Imagine working with an expert to quickly create a simple, practical Action Plan that lays out exactly what you need to do, how to do it and when to do it. Free at last!

Are you ready to change for the better?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. You work crazy hours, you worry and perhaps you’ve already looked for answers from other business owners, reading articles and other places. Positive changes will only happen when you hear practical solutions to your challenges that you BELIEVE will work. Then, because you’ve heard ideas that make sense, you will commit to do what it takes to implement them as quickly as possible. 90% of business challenges are straightforward – not leaping over tall buildings required – just best-practices that you CAN do.

What can you expect?

My job is to get to know you and your business quickly and present practical options that WILL make things better. Guaranteed. If your business improves and we work well together, perhaps you’ll allow me the honor of continuing to advise you on your exciting journey to business success and professional satisfaction.

Business is not easy – competition is fierce and it takes hard and persistent effort over a long period of time. But owning a business can be enormously satisfying if you are doing the smart, practical things that allow you to excel. I’m a phone call away. Are you ready to win?

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