Stop Talking So Much!

March 21st, 2012 Posted in Business Growth, Business Stories

taped mouth 150x150 Stop Talking So Much!I had a cup of coffee with a delightful young entrepreneur who wanted some ideas on how to grow his business. He kept interrupting me because he was so excited to share more information about his company.  I gently asked for a little breathing room and he calmed down for a bit.

I offered to go on a sales call with him because there just happened to be an appropriate target Customer business a couple of blocks away. We walked in and he started trying to sell to the woman behind the counter. Her face turned red, she turned her body physically away from him and she clenched her jaw. He kept talking….

I interceded with some friendly comments and you could just see her defenses melt. I patted him on the back and said that I thought there just might be grounds for a very nice discussion with her husband, the owner.

She didn’t say yes but she left the door open to the possibility.

In all fairness, this young man and his wife just had a baby a week ago and he’s in “daddy” land. When he settles down we’ll have a good discussion about bonding with prospects and not overwhelming them with all that good information before they want to hear it.

It would be a better world – and we’ll sell a lot more – if we stop talking at one another so much.


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