Strategic? Maybe not.

strategy 300x199 Strategic? Maybe not.The word “strategic” is overused in business conversations. What used to be “let’s discuss and reach a decision” has become “let’s discuss strategically and make a decision” or “let’s discuss and make a strategic decision.”

Which would be great except that 90% of the time nothing strategic is being discussed. Whats often meant is “let’s get this right.” Adding the word “strategic” is helpful when it accurately captures the essence of a conversation but can mislead or distract when it’s unnecessary or inaccurate. A dumbing down of this important languageĀ  is bad for business.

A topic is strategic when it is deliberately connected to business values, mission, vision and/or goals. Specific action items to execute a strategy are considered tactics.

Why does it matter? In my experience, the two reasons that most companies achieve underwhelming success are sub-optimal strategies and inconsistent and inadequate tactical effort to drive results.

So, what’s a strategist to do? Here’s my prescription:

  • Clarify your vision and most critical business goals
  • Understand your company’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Understand the market and your competitors
  • Craft strategies that give you sustainable competitive advantage. This generally means leveragingĀ  your strengths and market opportunities and mitigate your weaknesses and market threats
  • Craft practical tactics to execute your strategies

Need help? A good tactic would be to call me right now!




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One Response to “Strategic? Maybe not.”

  1. Lowell Nerenberg Says:

    Terrific primer for participants to quickly and easily distinguish whether a potential subject pertains to strategy or tactics. Will help limit drift in meetings. Thank you for this brief and very useful post!

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