The Attention Span of an Asparagus Plant

asparagus 300x500 180x300 The Attention Span of an Asparagus PlantReady to create better messaging for your business? A great place to start is to assume that your audience has the attention span of an asparagus plant. You have very little time to capture their interest so you better make it good.

Here are some best practices to ensure that your messaging works well.

  • Put yourself in the Audience’s shoes – know their needs/wants first before trying to sell to them. Do whatever research is necessary to get there
  • Touch an emotional cord – elicit a smile, an approving nod or evoke something that concerns them (FUD = fear, uncertainty & doubt)
  • Give them a new perspective – tell them something valuable that they don’t know, dispel a common myth
  • Make the value tangible – reduce cost 20-45% is better than “make a difference on your bottom line”
  • Be confident – earning trust relies on believing that you can be relied on to produce results
  • Less is More – be concise
  • Disrupt… delightfully – throw them off their game in a pleasant way
  • Use unique phrases – do not say what your competitors say, at least not in the same way

The above list enables the simple acronym PTGMBLDU …… just kidding, sometimes acronyms can be used in refreshing, innovative ways…… otherwise skip it!

Get the message and get the business!


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