The Cutting Edge

maar kitchen knives h 300x213 The Cutting EdgeA sharp kitchen knife is not only easier and much more satisfying to use but also much safer so long as you follow normal safe practices. Years ago I thought a Club sandwich was so named because I had to club the ingredients into submission since slicing them was so difficult.

The numerous sharpening tools, gadgets and devices I’ve purchased and used have never been satisfactory. Only when I took the knives to have them professionally sharpened were the results excellent. I could build a patio with the unused sharpening stones in my workshop.

While watching the cooking show “America’s Test Kitchen” it suddenly dawned on me that their recommendations on many things have proven to be spot on. Their independent tests of numerous pieces of equipment led them to recommend the Chef’s Choice, Professional Sharpening Station 130 as a runaway category winner.

So, I bought it and guess what? Here’s what you get:

  • Its dummy-proof: it grips the knives at exactly the right angle – you cannot screw it up
  • It makes the knives sharper than even when we purchased them – very sharp and sharper knives are easier to use, requiring less pressure so you can work faster and more accurately
  • Maintenance is a snap: a few quick strokes weekly or monthly and the knives stay ready
  • The knives will last longer because this equipment is so efficient it only removes a very small amount of metal each time

So, business leader, ask yourself:

  • Are my products/services dummy-proof? Do I make it really easy for my Clients to work with me and take my consulting advice?
  • Are my products/services superior to competitors? In my advisory capacity, it means that my advice must be superior to that available elsewhere AND I must act in a way that my Clients do what is necessary to achieve and exceed their Goals.
  • Do I provide continuing service that ensures success? Rapid responsiveness, being keenly attentive and bringing valuable information and insights are just a few of the ways to keep your Client’s “knives” sharp
  • Do your products/services provide long-lived benefits? What is your Client’s ROI on your products/services? Is it higher than what your competition can do?

Sharpen your business knives and slice your way to success!

JACOBY provides expert Business Planning & Guidance to small businesses who aspire to become successful niche leaders.


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