The Great Haul of China

April 14th, 2010 Posted in Business Stories

What good is a treasure if it’s underutilized?

In 210 BC, Emperor Qin was the first to unite all of the regions of China and he proceeded to build a 7,000 member terra cotta army with which to rule the afterlife as well. An estimated 700,000 workers spent decades creating this army… and then the Emperor had it all buried.

Forgotten for centuries, this exquisitely sculpted army served no one. Since its discovery in 1974, excavation has continued on this amazing treasure trove. Maryland’s business community has also been out of sight and out of mind for too long resulting in limited influence and ability to make Maryland the strongest possible community.

The Maryland Chamber of Commerce is rallying businesses to come together as one voice to constructively serve our businesses, our communities and our state. You MUST join @!

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