The Mad Scientist Within

mad scientist The Mad Scientist Within“Good morning Vietnam!” belted out Robin Williams in the role of base radio announcer in the movie of the same name. His boss wanted him to follow strict rules of conduct but he just couldn’t help himself. The mad scientist within couldn’t hold back.

Every one of us has a mad scientist within, a conjurer with untapped abilities to contribute in bigger and better ways. Many people do not do the best job of cultivating this mad genius because they are afraid of how others will perceive them and frankly with good reason. Those who are trapped in “norms” and hardened ideas about what is and isn’t acceptable can be harsh judges of those who express new, innovative approaches.

But please, don’t be suppressed. Don’t hold back. Life is scary short. Don’t you want to bounce out of bed in the a.m. and go do something special, make a meaningful difference? Who cares if Ms. Stuffed Shirt or Mr. Know-it-all discount you, your ideas or what you are doing?

Dismiss dismissive people. Ask “how” not “why not” and persevere with your crazy notions. Don’t let others dictate your direction. Create the better world the way you want it to be.

Don’t be lulled into complacency. The world is alive with opportunities to shine and YOU can play a role in that.

Nurture the mad scientist within. The world will be a far better place for it and you will smile much more often.



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