The Referrals Most People Only Dream About

PassingReferrals The Referrals Most People Only Dream AboutMy favorite referrals come from clients and colleagues with whom I enjoy a mutual admiration and who know WHAT I do, WHO I specialize in helping, HOW I do it and WHY I’m a great option – Way beyond the call of duty. Few business people have a small army promoting them and I believe it’s because of a lack of understanding of how to generate these wonderfully fulfilling relationships. They think that by promoting themselves that word will get around about how great they are and that quality referrals will come flying – Strategic, Maybe Not.

I’ve found that what works far better to generate very high quality referrals is to deeply understand and be able to articulate the value of selected others well – Give and Give and Give some More. You’ll find that when you support the right people, far better results occur for you.

Here’s how to accelerate your movement down this far more satisfying and rewarding path:

  • Commit to all out/pedal-to-the-metal improvement. Don’t be half pregnant!
  • Identify quality companies whose offerings are closely complementary to yours and who serve the same market
  • Meet with them and learn a lot about what they do and what makes them great
  • Gently, in the right circumstance, demonstrate – without even saying it – what makes you great
  • Actively make an effort to make good things happen for them

In the 1950s, Don and Phil Everly recorded “All I have to do is Dream.” 60 years, all you have to do is stop networking, start collaborating.

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One Response to “The Referrals Most People Only Dream About”

  1. Misti Burmeister Says:

    Your message is always top-notch, helpful and timely. TY!

    Question: How do you discover other service providers who serve your market?

    Misti Burmeister

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