The World is Flat, Don’t get Pancaked!

flatworld 300x156 The World is Flat, Don’t get Pancaked!Blink your eyes – 9 years have already elapsed since Wall Street Journal columnist Thomas Friedman wrote about globalization and the 10 “flatteners” that are changing how business is done in his best-selling book “The World is Flat.”

Blink your eyes again – imagine its 9 years in the future and ask yourself:

  • How well has my company monitored and responded to change over the past 9 years?
  • What changes were inevitably coming and how well did we respond to maintain or improve our strategic advantages?
  • What changes caught my business completely by surprise and required scrambling to adapt to?

In a flattening world, the margin of error is shrinking – your business can absorb fewer mistakes than 9 years ago – without serious damage.

Constant vigilance – being a real time subject matter expert on your industry, its trends, direct and indirect competition – is critical to achieve great success.

Pay closer attention because 9 years from now, you’ll be thrilling or grilling

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