tree 284x300 Timber!Sometimes your vision,values, goals and priorities don’t align with others. It doesn’t mean they are bad people but it does mean trouble will soon come your way.

Values is the most important of these. If you don’t have shared values, it probably doesn’t matter how well aligned you are on vision, goals and priorities because the core of your relationship will not withstand the pressures and stresses of business. Timber!

Vision is the picture of a desired future. When it’s shared, great things can happen. When different folks see different strokes, it’s going to be very difficult to get to either place. Timber!

Measurable goals consistent with a common vision is the next factor requiring alignment. Different goals? Yup,,,, Timber!

And even with common values, vision and goals (the trifecta), trees can still topple because of disagreement over priorities. Timber!

Align or get ready for a splinter sandwich!


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