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November 11th, 2013 Posted in Business Stories

A Better World 232x300 Visibly GivingDoing good, fighting the good fight in a very visible way is a smart business practice. We think well of those who make a real difference in our communities and the world when we know what they are doing. And we’ll only know when there is visibility.

I admire those who give quietly but when your business needs include developing new prospects, quiet giving is a much slower, low probability path. Much better to be “market facing” where you will be noticed sooner rather than later.

It’s important to properly plan and execute your giving activities so that you make a big difference for the organization and are recognized widely for doing so.

One reason that many people are reluctant to act on this is that they are reasonably concerned about wasting time and effort – they believe they may end up not making much of a contribution and have lost valuable time from their business pursuits. It’s true that you want to be careful about what you do and where you do it. Here are some guidelines to ensure that you get maximum benefit from your efforts:

  • Establish specific desired business goals: for example, I expect at least $100,000 in revenue annually from any organizations where I focus significant on-going efforts
  • Target organizations which meet the following criteria:
    •  Numerous members who are good prospects for your business
    • Good reputation & good/helpful/appreciative leadership & staff
    • Have a need where you can really help them a lot and be visibly rewarded on multiple occasions

So, let’s get to work making the world a better place and being celebrated for doing so. The accolades begin NOW!


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