Way Beyond the Call of Duty

mile Way Beyond the Call of DutyWhen you deliver way beyond the call of duty, your clients are stunned with delight. They can’t believe that they have an unbelievable resource helping them.

My goal with every Client is to “game-change” their results and I am deeply disappointed in myself if I deliver anything less. What is your expectation of you and your team?

There ARE ways you can do this & here’s how:

  • Ask your Clients everything they are willing to share about their goals, their strategies and their needs
  • As they explain, ask questions so that you make sure that you have a deep understanding of their view of the world
  • Thank them for taking the time to share more with you, assure them that everything they’ve told you is confidential and that you’d like to come back to them after you do some thinking and research on their behalf
  • Come up with some great ideas by doing the following:
    • Think about related experiences that may be applicable by the Client
    • Ask experts for each specific issue raised- without revealing who you Client is – if they have any valuable thoughts
    • Do research – two great sources are industry associations that they Client does or should belong to and of course online articles by subject matter experts
  • Pull your thoughts together into a cohesive whole and then go visit your Client and share them
  • Ask permission to help with the things where you are confident you can make a difference
  • Do what you commit to doing

Way, way, way beyond the call of duty and you will prosper.

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One Response to “Way Beyond the Call of Duty”

  1. Steven Goldberg Says:

    One thing I find helpfull is to let the client know all the possibilies. Let them see what they “don’t know that they don’t know”. This opens their eyes to other options and directions. I have demo’s that they can see that explain a lot of the features and functions of the systems we are proposing.

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