Wheat. Chaff. Separate.

3269089 487550 separating the wheat from the chaff 210x300 Wheat. Chaff. Separate.It can be very difficult to evaluate the skills of outside resources and advisors to assist your business. And when the pressure is on to fix a problem, the selection task becomes more difficult because our judgment may become clouded by the need to move quickly. Here are some ideas to keep in mind to improve your probability of success:

  • Try to get out in front of this by interviewing resources recommended by people you trust months in advance of when you will need them so that you are under no pressure to decide

When you meet with them:

  • Don’t be too eager to start talking, venting and dumping information. You want the opportunity to learn about their process and ability to find out what they need in order to help you.
  • So, are they asking terrific questions that lead you to believe they bring high value?
  • Ask yourself it their process makes sense to you
  • Are they actively listening & speaking responsively or talking at you, possibly even interrupting or talking over you?
  • How well are they grasping your needs and perspectives? Even if they are listening doesn’t mean they understand.
  • Are they providing concise, direct answers to your questions?
  • Did they show up on time for your meeting?
  • Do they say things that probably aren’t true
  • Do they speak negatively of their Clients, employees, competitors or others?
  • Have they had success solving issues similar to yours? Can they prove it?

You CAN separate the wheat from the chaff!


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