Whiplash of the Eyeballs

Deyes 300x200 Whiplash of the Eyeballso you roll your eyes when someone tells you that their business is better than their competitors because  they provide “better service”?  Even when the speaker believes it and has passion about what they do, it’s hard to swallow. We’ve become jaded because everyone says it and few deliver.

So how can you talk about your value  in an effective and compelling manner and not cause whiplash of the eyeballs? Here’s how:

1.  Since value is in the eye of the  beholder, specialize in a niche which has a common set of opportunities and needs that you can serve especially well. The more you’ve worked in the niche they see themselves in, the greater your value

2.  Research them in advance and interview them to deeply understand their very specific needs and wants, the value they place on them and their desired timing

3.  Craft one sentence answers to these questions using this format to help you think through and be prepared to communicate in a way that connects benefits with features

“We want you to (experience this benefit) so we (do this – the feature)”

A. What are your service objectives?

B. What are your service processes?

C. What are your service Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)?

D. What service training do you provide your employees?

E. How do you manage service on an ongoing basis?

4.  Using answers to the previous questions, craft a sentence that encapsulates what is so special about the service you provide. It may be that one thing you do is very special or a combination of things.

Discover it and spell it out… and go gentle on everyone’s eyes!

Art Jacoby provides practical, insightful guidance to small businesses to become credible niche leaders & achieve profitable growth.


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