World War C™

Robin Williams made us chuckle in the movie when he enthusiastically yelled “Good morning Vietnam!” into the microphone at his Armed Forces radio station spot to grab the attention of the troops stationed in the war zone.

Well, Robin, we need you now to help wake up America! World War C (Cyber) has arrived on our shores, or more accurately to our computer infrastructure. It isn’t the British this time. And it isn’t visible, it’s digital. But it is serious in terms of the risk of economic damage and destruction.

Computers have changed our lives in wonderful ways but our move toward transparency has other consequences – opening the “computer door” to bad guys. The Intelligence Community is reasonably well prepared but make no mistake, despite billions of dollars already spent, vast portions of the U.S. government, State and local government and most of the commercial market are highly vulnerable.

Our key infrastructure industries pose the greatest concern – financial and utilities- as any disruption there can cause severe economic repercussions but every industry, every commercial business faces threats never faced before.

America’s physical infrastructure has suffered for years because, as a culture, we like to spend money on new, sexy things rather than on essentials.

Cyber security  IS sexy – spies, war, secret code, danger….  Got your attention?

There is a wealth of information available on how to protect your business. One good starting place is the National Cyber Security Alliance where a great deal of free information is available to start your own journey to better security.

Maryland Cyber Investment Partners is here to help. We can connect you with the very best resources, experts in cyber security, to protect your business.

Good Morning America!


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